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Anne Hathaway Stylish Pasta-Inspired Look

Anne Hathaway Stylish Pasta-Inspired Look

Anne Hathaway and Valentino: Like Family

Back in 2021, Anne Hathaway rocked a custom-made Valentino wedding dress when she tied the knot with Adam Shulman. Valentino Garavani, the creative genius behind the brand, sees Anne as more than just a pal – she’s like a daughter to him. Now, as Valentino gears up to snag an Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2023 Fashion Awards, guess who’s cheering him on? Yep, Anne is right there, bringing some vintage vibes to the Royal Albert Hall’s rainy red carpet. And she’s not alone – she’s got Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino’s life and business partner, by her side.

Spaghetti-Inspired Glamour Anne Hathaway Dress

So, what’s the deal with Anne’s stunning dress? Anyway, Giammetti told Law Roach, Anne’s old dresser, the truth when they talked. This Valentino isn’t just any old one; it’s from the spring/summer 1993 line. The fun part is that Valentino made this pattern with spaghetti in mind. Picture Giammetti running his fingers over the dress’s fringed neckline and talking about how the idea came from something tasty. “And I’ve always dreamed of being pasta!” Anne jokes back, decked out in Bulgari jewelry. That’s a twist!

Valentino’s Way to Get Inspired

Valentino is still inspiring people in the fashion world, even though he is 91 years old. This time, he chose something strange: pasta! This dress isn’t just a nod to Hollywood glitz; it’s also a nod to how simple a plate of spaghetti can be. Valentino is very creative, and he can easily combine the world of celebrities with the beautiful food of Italy. It shows that even a famous designer can find beauty in Hollywood and old-fashioned comfort food.

The time when Gwyneth wore Valentino

Anne isn’t the only one who fell in love with Valentino’s touch. Gwyneth Paltrow wore a Valentino Rosso gown from the 1965 couture line to the Fashion Awards. She also wore Valentino for her wedding in 2018. Valentino’s designs aren’t just in style for a short time; they’re works of art that will always be interesting, no matter what decade they’re from.

Happy Birthday to Valentino’s Fashion Legacy

It was Valentino and Giammetti and their well-behaved pugs who turned over the fashion world to Pierpaolo Piccioli in 2008. As the Fashion Awards honor Valentino’s huge influence on fashion, Giammetti thinks back on the trip. He says Valentino is sure of himself, strict, and a little demanding, but at heart he is also very kind and a thinker. Valentino, who is 91 years old, worked hard to make everything look beautiful and perfect. He is an inspiration to everyone in the fashion world. “Make sure it’s beautiful no matter what,” says Pierpaolo Piccioli. Tonight, people in the fashion world will toast Valentino’s work as a work of eternal beauty.